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Our program is designed to promote social, emotional, physical and language development for each of our toddler. We provide specific activities for this age group that allow children to view learning as fun.


Our classrooms are set up that encourage children to explore, chose their activity, learning adventure and gain an understanding of world around them. We strive to provide an environment where your child feels secure and encouraged to learn through discovery. Individualized and group activities are included in the program. Daily activities include story and circle times, dramatic play, art, music and movement, science and outdoor playtime.


Our children in this classroom will learn self-help skills, communication skills, songs and enjoys age-appropriate activities. The children will have increased language development and will move on the path of being active learners.

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Our K2 Program provides children a variety of instructional methods to help them socially and intellectually. Our nurturing and caring teachers and staff encourage children to develop their language skills through interactive communication and other activities. Daily activities may include story time, learning games, singing favorite songs, science, dramatic center time, vast array of art exploration and independent choice activities. Language skills are developed through repetition and reinforcement. All activities in this program are designed to accommodate the short attention spans and developmental needs of two-year olds. We recognize the uniqueness of each child.


Our teacher guides the children daily to become increasingly more independent. Children work on self-help skills such as drinking out of a cup, using a spoon and potty training. Children are provided continual opportunities throughout the day to explore and learn more about their world. Basic life skills (hand washing, potty training etc.) are introduced and taught as an integral part of this program.


The teachers here at Jamboree Kids thrive on incorporating a developmentally age appropriate program, while maintaining the belief that education and play is the best learning experience. Each child should believe that he or she is capable of achieving just about anything.

At Jamboree Kids, we provide a safe and caring environment while each child develops his or her independence, creates a social life and adjusts to new routines.Our trained educators, work together with parents to offer activities designed to

facilitate the physical, cognitive, psychosocial and spiritual development of all our students.

We offer a rigorous curriculum that fosters creative thinking, opportunities to achieve balance and experiences that build strong character.

We strive to provide learning experiences for our early childhood and primary level students that combine a sense of community, trust and friendships while igniting their interest and curiosity in the world around them. 

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