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Designed for children ages 2-10 with moderate to high functioning ASD
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  • Developing a positive attitude towards school
  • Helping each child develop self confidence
  • Assisting each child in building the habit of concentration
  • Fostering an abiding curiosity
  • Developing habits of initiative & persistence
  • Fostering inner security and a sense of order in the child
OUR PROGRAM helps with...
Nick's House encourages life long learning,
decision making, 
& problem solving while motivating each child to reach their full individual potential. At Nick's House,
students gain experiences that focus on the growth of the whole child.
Nick’s House began in 2019 named after Master Nicholas Seymour Capron. Nicholas attended Jamboree Kids for 4 years leaving a mark that would be irreplaceable. Nicholas was affectionately called “nick@nite” or “capron” for his outgoing personality and infectious laugh. Nicholas brought a great awareness to our school. Because of Nicholas, we have mastered how to reach and teach special need kids. Love always came before academics. This has helped us to shape the minds of so many of our kids in our Program. We have a small classroom ratio, well equipped with a passionate Special Needs Teacher and committed Therapists whose ultimate goal is the well being of your child. Kids learn through play, one on one lessons tailored to their needs along with life skills and vocational activities.   
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