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Our prime goal at Jamboree Kids is to provide a caring and nurturing

environment for our children. All of our teachers are trained in First Aid and CPR and will take the best care of your infant child.


Our teachers work individually with each child, accommodating each child’s physical, cognitive and psychological stages of development and are dedicated to maintaining a soothing environment that is comfortable and stimulating for all children. Infants alternate between activities, exploration of play, individual feeding and rest times.


Children are rocked, and read to on a one-on-one basis. Keeping cleanliness in mind, we are make sure that each child’s assigned crib is never shared and our entire infant care facilities are properly cleaned. Our room has a “no shoe” policy to keep the environment as clean as possible. Our room is filled with age appropriate toys for children to crawl, play and discover.

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Our Nursery provides a warm, welcoming environment where babies grow gracefully. The caretakers are passionate, nurturing, early childhood professionals, who are focused on creating experiences and opportunities that are important for development in a child’s tender early years.  Your child is loved and encouraged to progress at their own level of development.  Nurturing interactions with staff, in a home-like environment with individualized attention together with meaningful partnerships with parents.

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The teachers here at Jamboree Kids thrive on incorporating a developmentally age appropriate program, while maintaining the belief that education and play is the best learning experience. Each child should believe that he or she is capable of achieving just about anything.

At Jamboree Kids, we provide a safe and caring environment while each child develops his or her independence, creates a social life and adjusts to new routines.Our trained educators, work together with parents to offer activities designed to

facilitate the physical, cognitive, psychosocial and spiritual development of all our students.

We offer a rigorous curriculum that fosters creative thinking, opportunities to achieve balance and experiences that build strong character.

We strive to provide learning experiences for our early childhood and primary level students that combine a sense of community, trust and friendships while igniting their interest and curiosity in the world around them. 

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